Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce

It was April 12, 2016.  I was at our District Council ministers meeting when I got the call. Lindy’s water had broke and she was headed to the ER.  I was in a panic.  Many gathered around and prayed for Lindy and myself as this journey we were on was about to take an unforeseen turn.

Our little girl had a due date of June 14, which as you see, was two whole months away.  It was just another day of meetings and ministry related stuff that would turn into a wirl wind of emotions and a mandatory digging up of faith.  I did not foresee what was happening at all.  Lindy was sitting at our oldest daughter’s soccer game when it happened.  When I received word, I rushed to the field first to check on things then accompanied Lindy and Mercy ( my oldest) to the hospital.  After being there for a few hours, it was evident that Lindy wasn’t going anywhere until she gave birth.  The IV’s began, the emotions continued and the prayers went up.  2 months early?  What were we about to experience?  Was my little girl going to be ok?  Was my wife going to be ok?  Was I going to be ok?  So many questions, so many thoughts, so little answers.

Lindy got orders from the doctor that she was moving in.  She was not leaving the hospital for what was planned to be at least a month.  This would be our home away from home.  After 2 days of doing nothing.  Watching netflix that I hooked up on the hospital room t.v., it happened.  The moment the doctors were attempting to keep from happening….labor.  Contractions began and there was nothing going to stop our little girl from arriving.

The contractions got closer and closer and harder and harder.  At this point, there was still no medication going into Lindy’s body to help with the pain.  They continued, seeming to get worse as the minutes (yes, minutes) went by.  She went from very few contractions to full labor in only a short amount of time.  As I’m watching this, all I could hope for is that small amount of faith that I seemed to muster up would touch the heart of God and he would intervene…and he did.

The labor continued and within 2 hours, our little warrior princess entered the world.  It was quick, it was intense, it was frightening, it was the most incredible thing I’ve ever witnessed.  A little 3.7 lb miracle broke into the world perfectly healthy.  It was only a matter of seconds before I heard that faint cry.  My wife,  whom I will affectionately refer to as She-Ra, delivered this baby….no medication, no time to prepare for what was coming and no concern for herself.  The first thing she said after the little one arrived was “Is she ok?”  At that moment I saw the strongest, most powerful thing I’ve ever seen…a mom who, in the midst of pain and discomfort, concerned only for her little girl.

Back to the story.  After the arrival, the NICU team was there in full force.  They hurried her off into the NICU unit and did their thing.  Moving at the speed of light to get my little girl taken care of.  Lindy and I both kinda looked at each other as if we were shocked at what just happened.  Was she born?  Is she really here?  Is this a dream?

This small but fierce princess warrior that had arrived came with vengeance.  She was known as the feisty one in the NICU.  She was the one with an attitude.  She was the strong willed warrior we had been expecting.  She was perfect.

For the next 6 weeks, our new home would be the NICU at the local hospital.  Lindy and I went everyday to visit our little miracle.  We watched as she grew…as she learned to breathe on her on.  We watched as her little personality was developing and still is today.  We watched as God showed off and proved to us His existence and His hand upon us.  We watched as this tiny human fought for survival and won.

On May 21, 2016, we brought our little girl home. Her name is Eve.  We named her Eve because the name Eve means “life.”  From day one, we have prayed life over her and that one day she would speak life to others.  She is our little warrior, our little princess and our little miracle. Even in all the emotional exhaustion Lindy and I have endured.  Even through the heartache of waiting day after day to see if we could bring her home.  Even after the countless times the enemy has tried to confuse, discourage and lie to us, even in all this, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

I have found that my love for life and for others has actually grown through this journey.  So it is safe to say that in a way, she has actually spoken life to me.  I love you Eve.  Welcome to our family!



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