Roll Tide my friend, Roll Tide

Today a dear friend was put to rest. It all began about 6 years ago when our conversations were nothing more than Roll Tide and War Eagle over Facebook. Friendly bantering and jabbing at each other when our respective teams played one another…or anyone else for that matter.

I remember all the talks about God, life, ministry and football. All the times advice was given on both ends of the phone line. All the times we would laugh at a dumb play on a college football game.  Well, those days are gone. Those quick “did you see that play” texts. Those “hey man, got a minute, I want to run something by you” conversations. Gone…and they will be missed.

Today, a friend, a father, a son, a brother and a pastor has been laid to rest and no longer has to worry about the battles of this world. Today, as we remember his life, his mind is on the King!  Today, this great guy that we knew in this life is celebrating forever in the presence of God.

When things like this happen;  Tragedies that are out of our control, Things unforeseen, emotions get the best of us. Anger, resentment, sadness, and even hatred and blame. But when someone close to us is gone, sure it’s ok to mourn, but in the midst of the mourning try to remember that at this very moment he is in a place we should all long to be.

If you know Jesus, you will see him again. In the meantime, remember him for the great man he was and ask God to replace that mourning with joy in knowing he is with Jesus!

Rest In Perfect Peace Shane Goodwin. You will be missed. Roll Tide Roll my friend.


2 thoughts on “Roll Tide my friend, Roll Tide

  1. So well worded Keith. If we could have a glimpse of where he is, then we would never feel sad for him. But instead, we would long to be where he is.


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