Night to Shine

Over the past few months, (and months to come), I, along with a few others who have worked so hard, have and are getting ready for a huge event called Night to Shine, which is a prom held for those in our community and surrounding areas with special needs.  Over the past few months this event has consumed my thoughts and a lot of my time.  In my opinion, it is probably one of the most important things I have put my hands to in years.  Why is this a blog post?  Well, I don’t post very often, but I wanted to find a way to share this with the world in a way other than just a FB post.

This task at hand has become a passion of mine.  As I have spoken with and learned from those in our community that work with those precious people with special needs, I find my heart burdened to reach them.  To love on them and to show them the love of Christ as we get ready for this event.

There has been a great outpouring of support from our community and schools and other churches and local businesses that just want to be a part of what we’re doing.  We will be needing a ton of volunteers, and this week, you will be able to sign up to volunteer on our website,  But what about you who don’t live in Rapid City and would like to help?  To put this event on is very expensive.  Any monetary support would help tremendously as well.  In writing this, I’m asking for a few things and for you to join us in prayer for a few things:  1).  That God’s hand on this event will continue to be evident as we move forward.  2). That our leaders and volunteers who are working on this huge project will keep their strength and passion as we get closer and closer to the date. 3). That God will speak to those who would like to help in any way and encourage them to join us as we reach the special needs community.

I wasn’t planning on writing this today, but just felt prompted to let the world know whats about to happen in Rapid City!  We are excited!  Our church is excited! Our community is excited!  I can’t wait to share pics, stories, and the joy that this event will bring to so many lives!



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